And so it begins…

…the start of (hopefully!) one hell of an amazing blog!

Bear with me, I’m new at all this…and I must confess not technically minded in the slightest; so as I try to fathom the workings of this wonderful site, I may be susceptible to more than a few errors every now and then!

I profess to being no less than your average 22-year-old female.. a recent graduate hoping to make it in the PR world, left-handed,fun-seeking, meat loving, mojito drinking, smiley individual with a weakness for cheese & fondness for James Dean & Huskies…

I’m hoping that this blog will enable me to process my thoughts logically for once – if I can extract them from the whirlpool that is my mind! Sharing with all of you that wish to read: my opinions, thoughts and reviews on topical matters of the moment and anything I randomly stumble across that i think is worth a mention!

Last but not least…ENJOY! (and please feel free to give some constructive criticism, any advice is much appreciated)