When I was 16…

With the GCSE results out today and A-level results coming out last week, it made me reminisce back to when I got my results.

The thought of such a huge decision about which subjects to carry on – one that would influence the rest of my life seemed extremely daunting, and still puts me at unease now!

We simply chose whatever subjects we didn’t hate and thought we may pass, and the same went for deciding a course for university. I really wish I had more of an insight as to how many different courses there are out there or had more information given to me beforehand!

Graduating just after the recession hit, was extremely unlucky and I found myself in a catch 22 situation, lots of interviews but never getting any further due to my lack of experience, yet unable to get any experience in the first place.

So, with that in mind I am determined to ensure those that I know going through their GCSE’s/A-levels at the moment are fully aware of all the information they need to succeed! Work experience is a must during those long summer holidays; not only something different to do and curbs the boredom but is definitely a useful tool to help decide your future career path.