Boutique Heaven at Dahlia

Carnaby street has always been full of trendy shops and quirky boutiques just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the mainstream shops on Oxford Street.

Every now and then I wander in and out of the cobbled side streets, longingly looking through the windows at the funky t-shirts, the snazzy trainers and the make up arranged so perfectly.

Most of the time, I browse quickly and hurriedly walk out before the fashionista in me takes over and the word “No” is inconceivable. I know that I cannot keep reaching for my purse and spending the money that I do not actually have…

….but this time, I just couldn’t help it!

I spotted a cute looking British boutique called Dahlia, with its inviting Mint green exterior that just begged me to go inside and take a peek!

All I can say is that I am very glad I did! This boutique is filled with gorgeous vintage inspired dresses in an array of prints and fabrics as well as bespoke jewellery and accessories.

I think it was my lucky day as the sale had just started and I managed to nab two gorgeous chiffon dresses for £40! BARGAIN!
The sales assistant was lovely and very helpful and I was left thinking about this amazing find on my walk back to meet my boyfriend.

It seems I am quite late to spot this gem however, as upon looking at Dahlia’s website I notice that Topshop have already spotted these guys and stock some items in their Oxford Street store. The shop has also received a lot of press, with celebs such as Mollie from The Saturdays wearing pieces from the shop.

Another great thing I noticed on the website was the style tips carefully crafted for each item. Then I found the Dahlia blogsite, which features regular bloggers who update on the site with interesting fashion finds/tips and has such a friendly feel telling us what they have been up to and where they have been recently etc. It really is very personable and worth a look.

Although I may be late to find this boutique, I am definitely glad I have finally found it! Better late than never!!