Food and Fashion – what more could you want?!

I have been terrible with my blogging of late, but to those who read this (hopefully there are some people out there – please comment if you do) I am writing a quick note to say that I am back on track, and this time I shall write with a purpose!

So keep an eye out for my latest fashion finds and food critiques..I have decided to blog about my two passions food and fashion! It seems only natural and to be honest I am astounded that I had not thought about it sooner seeing as I seem to talk about these things a lot!

A lot of people have mentioned to me recently that I tend to upload mainly pictures of food to Facebook – more so than pictures of my friends or myself…but food does seem to evoke a passionate emotion in me! I have grown up in a family where food has always been important and all those that know me know I LOVE my food! Just writing this now has made me reminisce many wonderful memories that I am sure to write down in this blog.

So watch this space guys, next blog update will be appearing shortly!

Happy Eating!