Some photos I took today with my new Olympus Pen

After much deliberation I have finally got a decent camera. I’ve moved on from the bog standard digital camera to a compact system camera.

I had originally looked at DSLR cameras but soon realised I knew far too little and didn’t have the budget for such equipment!

After much research, I have found that for anyone wanting to get a camera with interchangeable lenses and ‘move up’ in the camera world then this is the way to go.

My olympus Pen was great value for money and is easy to use and get the hang of. I would suggest going into shops and having a proper look at the cameras and seeing which one feels right to you as it is obviously a personal decision.

The Olympus Pen has different ‘art’ and ‘scene’ settings that really can make a difference to your photos.

So far I am really happy with mine! Will post more photos soon!