British Pie Week – What will you be having?

This morning when I logged on to Twitter, I discovered British Pie Week was trending…so I thought I would blog a little piece about what we Brits love best…PIES!

I started pie week yesterday (accidentally!) by choosing the Marks & Spencer’s £5 Meal, mine consisting of a wholesome chicken and leek pie, cheesy mash and vegetables! (I also have the rest of the pie for lunch today!)

But what pie’s shall I eat for the rest of the week?? I have to admit that I love meat pies, especially steak and kidney or steak and ale, but has anyone else got some recipes for delicious and unusual pies that I can try this week?

Firstly, what is a pie?! When I first though of the word, I immediately thought of ‘stodge’ something heavy and fattening that is often accompanied by chips and aptly named ‘Pukka’! But..I’m not just after Savoury pies, to keep it exciting I want to also incorporate some sweet pies into my eating this week…as I do have a sweet tooth, but what’s better than the bog standard apple or lemon meringue??

So let’s get things straight:
1.Normally a pie has a base AND a pastry covering.

2.A pastry base on its own is usually called a tart..although there is the exception in the form of a Lemon Meringue Pie, which has a pastry base & a covering of meringue!

3.Some ‘pies’ don’t even have pastry at all, for example the well-loved Shepherd’s or Cottage Pie. Very confusing…but more options to eat!!

So, in honour of pie week (any excuse!) I am going to make sure I eat some sort of ‘pie’ every day this week…
Monday – lunch: chicken and leek pie
Tuesday – snack: pork pie
Wednesday – dinner: fish pie
Thursday – dessert: apple pie…unless I find something more tasty!
Friday – lunch – steak and ale pie..hopefully from the pub!
Saturday – dinner – cottage pie
Sunday – snack – mince-pie?!

Check out the official British pie week website here: British Pie Week

If you fancy cheating a little when making your own, here’s a deal for a neat little pie maker! Click for Deal