How do you eat your Oreo?

On this day 100 years ago – March 6 1912, in a National Biscuit Co. (later changed to Nabisco) bakery in Manhattan, the Oreo or ‘sandwich cookie’ as it was better know then was made! Since then, it’s been taken over by Kraft Foods and is the best selling ‘cookie’ of all time..there are even over 25 million fans on its Facebook page!

Who would have thought that two chocolate disks with a creme filling in between would be as popular as it is?! I’ve had many a Oreo over the years and can never get sick of them! I’m even addicted to the Oreo milkshakes and cupcakes that are popular in the UK right now.

The first Oreo cookie looked similar to the Oreo of today, with the difference being in the design on the chocolate disks. It’s now an international favourite, sold in over 100 countries and has a variety of flavours too!

The focus of advertising has also remained the same throughout the years focusing on the fun of eating Oreos – it definitely is one of the most entertaining biscuits to eat and always causes some sort of discussion, like a creme egg – how do you eat yours?!?!

We’ve all seen the endearing adverts about the twisting, licking and then dunking into milk. I do this myself, but sometimes the biscuits are just so good I can’t wait to just devour the whole thing!

When I was in America last year I noticed a variety of different flavours, which absolutely made my day! I got addicted to the mint creme flavour and bought back so many packs to snack on as well as peanut butter flavour! I think the UK definitely needs to get those flavours stocked on our shelves…it’s definitely better for my bank balance than a flight to America to get my hands on the goodies!

Other Oreo varieties include Chocolate Creme, double stuff, Golden Double Stuff, Coffee and Creme, Trio Chocolate, Cookies and Cream and Green tea Oreos from China :s, There are even Oreo Brownies, Oreo Cakesters and Oreo Fudgees, which I am yet to try but am sure will be delicious!

This year, in honour of its centenary, Oreo unveiled a limited edition cookie with a confetti sprinkled creme center that tastes like birthday cake, I don’t know about you but I definitely want to try one!!

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