Haozhan Restaurant Review

Haozhan is located slap bang in the middle of Chinatown. Amidst the many traditional looking restaurants with hanging ducks and squid in the windows and menu's with pictures outside, lies Haozhan, somewhat different to the others. It is one of the few that almost looks out of place and a little lost in the middle of the bustling Chinese supermarkets and restaurants.

Haozhan is sleek and contemporary; a modern looking restaurant that looks very clean. There are a few more of these cropping up around Chinatown and I had to go in here and find out if it was any better than the small local places that I'm used to.

Aswell as the modern decor, the food also had a modern style to it, which I definitely cannot complain about. There is a lot of choice on the menu and it's hard not to pick everything. Although with the 'posh' exterior also comes the price tag; it's quite a bit more than some of the other restaurants on the street although the presentation almost made it worth it.

In terms of service, there is a lot of room for improvement. We had booked the table and mentioned the tastecard, and immediately before having even showing us the menus, we were asked to provide the tastecard, which was then scrutinised to make sure it was still in date and left on the table. I felt this slightly unneccessary, and made me feel as if they thought my party were not to be trusted – although perhaps they had issues with Tastecards in the past.

We were also told that you could order maximum four starters for the Tastecard offer, so after ordering and having 6 starters in mind we had a quick change of heart and decided to change one of our starters. When asking the waiter if this would be possible (only say 30 seconds after he'd walked away from the table) he just gave us an angry look and walked off, leaving us unsure if the order had changed or not. (Thankfully, the food came soon after and they had changed it!)

Overall, Haozhan isn't as flashy as shown on the website,( Haozhaan Website) the place is a lot smaller than I imagined but I would recommend trying their modern take on Chinese cuisine. The food had no complaints from myself or my dining partner, and was presented beautifully.

Be aware that 12.5% service charge was automatically added to the bill, which is seemingly a common occurrence at a lot of restaurants I’ve been to lately.

See below for a selection of the dishes that we had:







Cuisine: Chinese
Price: About £30 per person, with 2for1 Tastecard offer – more if you order fish for mains
Dress Code: Casual
Nearest Tubes: Leicester Square
food: 8 value: 8 service: 5 ambience: 6 recommend: 7

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