St Patrick’s Day Feasts

It’s St Patrick’s Day Tomorrow…and although most people will be celebrating with copious amounts of alcohol, I want to see who what Irish treats are out there to devour!

The Irish Food Board have posted what looks like a delicious Beef and Stout casserole with Dumplings, check it out here. The best part is that you can freeze some and save it for one of those days when you really haven’t got the time to cook but want to eat something wholesome!

Apparently, back in the day, a typical St Patrick’s Day meal would have been boiled bacon..The notion of potatoes with everything and soda bread spring to my mind when I think of typical Irish foods but I’m assured that this is far from the truth!

Although traditional foods are still much-loved Ireland makes the most of its fresh produce whether that be from local farmers and fishermen. I believe there is a big tradition of smoking fish in Ireland and I am very partial to a bit of smoked salmon and mackerel myself.

So I suggest if you are after a St Patrick’s day feast, why not try this?
Starter: Smoked salmon on some soda bread (or toasted bagel/any bread of your choice).
Main: The hearty Irish stew as listed in the link above. (Alternatively, you could opt for a Steak and Guinness Pie)
Side: The infamous Colcannon – mashed potatoes with kale/cabbage.
Dessert: Selection of Irish cheeses and oat biscuits

All washed down with a nice pint (or seven) of Guinness!