Tutti Fruity Hawaiian Salad!

My mum used to make this Hawaiian salad when I was younger and I absolutely adored it! It’s definitely not your conventional salad and the vibrant colours totally give in to the Hawaiian name!

I hate complicated recipes with a million ingredients and different steps, but thankfully this is extremely easy…the only thing that needs prepping beforehand is to cook some chicken! I guess if you really wanted to cheat you could buy the pre-cooked chicken strips that are very commonly available in most supermarkets now!

So to make this tasty dish you will need:

Cooked chicken – 5 or 6 breasts depending on how much you want to make!
mayonnaise – 2 large tablespoons (more can be added if necessary)
Tin of pineapple chunks (or rings as you can just cut these into cubes)
A few handfuls of the following: Grapes, Cherry Tomatoes, Flaked almonds
Lettuce leaves of your choice (not rocket as the flavour will not work with this)

Firstly shred the cooked chicken into bite sized chunks.

Then mix the mayonnaise through this adding the flaked almonds to the dish.

Then simply slice the tomatoes and grapes in half and add along with the pineapple to the dish.

After mixing it all together arrange the lettuce leaves along the edge of the plate and serve.

See simple!!