Spare Ribs anyone?

I’ve never been much of a fan of spare ribs to be honest. I love a good steak or bit of lamb, something with a lot of flesh, good succulent meat and ribs just don’t ever seem to do it for me!

But saying that, if you get some decent sized ribs from your local butcher or supermarket you can make some tasty ribs with hardly any ingredients at all.

Simple is best as they say, these ribs aren’t covered in a gooey sweet and sour sauce that will leave your fingers stuck to your napkin but simple, yet wonderfully classic flavours that have always worked well together.

The trick is to marinate these bad boys overnight and let the flavours soak in.
So grab some garlic and crush it a little to release the flavour before sprinkling on the meat.
Crack some salt and black peppercorns over the ribs too.
Then drizzle some white wine vinegar OR some lemon juice over the meat and leave to marinade.
Finally brush the ribs with olive oil to keep them moist.

Alternatively you can mix all these together in a jar and pour over the marinade, whichever suits you best!


Cover the ribs with foil, so they don’t dry out before you put them in the oven.

Leave them in the oven to work their magic for around 20 -30 minutes in a medium oven ( about 200 degrees) make sure the oven’s not too hot otherwise the meat will dry out and not be moist when you take them out; you want them to be lovely and juice and bursting with flavour 🙂