Happy Easter! Which Eggs did you get?!

Happy Easter everyone!

By now most of you will be stuffed from all those chocolatey treats, did you make your own or did you get some shop bought goodies…or were you really naughty and had both!

I was lucky enough to receive a Percy Pig easter egg from Marks & Spencer! I absolutely LOVE the sweets and have been addicted for years! Last summer, they launched some Percy Pig ice creams and I was in heaven..and now the Percy Pig easter egg has just been the icing on the cake…although it looks so good that I still don’t have the heart to bite into him yet!

There are so many eggs out at the moment, but my all time favourite is the little Lindt bunny, with his gorgeous creamy chocolate and the cute red collar and bell around his neck. Lindt chocolate tastes incredibly creamy and they have a range of great looking eggs out too!

On the other scale of things, I have also seen some extremely expensive eggs. This week’s Stylist magazine pointed some out, take a look for yourself here: Stylist magazine

As well as the eggs-tortionate (sorry!) prices, there are also some ingenious ideas, such as Hotel Chocolate’s play on the word ‘egg’ by making a chocolate egg and soldiers and a cupcake chocolate egg crafter by Chocolatier James White.

Whatever egg or chocolate animal you received, I hope it tastes good…just don’t eat too much!