Homemade Cheese Twists

This is a great little recipe for when you have some leftover puff pastry to use up.

Simple and quick – as with most of my recipes, this takes about 30 minutes to make!

Simply roll out your puff pastry into a square shape (doesn’t have to be perfect)


Then quickly egg wash the pastry, if you don’t have an egg to spare you could brush a bit of olive oil on the pastry instead. Then grate some parmesan over the bottom half of the square and sprinkle some thyme over two.


This is when you carefully fold the top half over the bottom half and use the rolling pin to make sure the edges are sticking together.


Then you need to cut some strips for your cheese twists, sprinkle some rock salt over and also make a little sugar water paste (equal amounts of each) and brush over the strips.
Now you’re ready to twist the strips – there’s no big rule here just twist as much or as little as you want…although not too much as you don’t want to break them!


Bung the strips in the over for 10 minutes on a high-ish heat and keep an eye on them. When nice and golden you can take them out and leave them to cool.


They make the perfect snack!