Quick & Easy Pasta & Veg

I made this the other night for dinner when trying to knock up something very quickly and use up some ingredients and to be honest I was quite surprised how delicious it was!

I simply put some pasta on the boil whilst deciding which vegetables I should have with it…then thought why not just chuck a bit of everything in!

So I started to fry some bacon and let it crisp up before cutting up some courgettes and adding it to the mix. I also had a few asparagus tips to use up so cut them into little pieces as well as a few tomatoes to add some juicyness and let the vegetable mixture sizzle away for about 10 minutes infusing each other’s flavours.


You can use whatever you fancy, I reckon mushrooms would be great with this dish and compliment the bacon well but it’s really just about using up what you have!

Whilst, the veg are simmering away you can drain the pasta and add a few dollops of creme fraiche to the veg. (I used the light version, but you can use whichever you want) Give it a good stir and add as much black pepper as you like…I like quite a lot!

Add the pasta and voila…an extrememly quick, healthy and tasty dinner made in around 15-20 minutes!