George IV Pub Review (Amwell)

Amwell is a great little village, a few weeks ago when the weather was actually sunny my boyfriend and I went for a little walkabout their, to feed the swans along the lake and to take some photographs of the old church. When walking out of the other side of the church we notice a quaint country pub and had to go in for a drink!

Unfortunately, we were too late to order food but decided to go back another time and I’m so glad we did!

When we went, we were told that it was actually quiz night so of course we joined in. The pub owners and staff were very friendly and really made you feel at home but the food….was even better!!

The menu for the day sounded gorgeous, it was so hard to choose what to order as I wanted pretty much everything!

The starters included seared scallops and chicken & ham hock terrine as well as a good chicken liver parfait but we settled on the sharing platter – a board of whole baked camembert, home-baked tomato bread , cured italian meats and onion marmalade.


The camembert was perfectly melted, the cheese was oozing everywhere once we had broken through and tasted great with the home-made onion marmalade, which was tangy and sweet at the same time!

The tomato bread was also a joy to eat, although I would have liked a little more, considering the sizeable portion of cheese that we had.

Then it was time for the mains, it was a tough decision as the battered fillet of cod & triple baked chips sounded tempting as did the beef burger with blue cheese and onion rings but I was most tempted by the roast breast and slow cooked leg of duck with broad beans, peas and new potatoes.

After much umming and ahhing I went for a gorgeously cooked rib-eye steak, triple cooked chips, celeriac, beef jus and vine tomatoes.

Sorry about the picture quality, I was in a rush to taste it as it looked so good!


The celeriac puree was divine, creamy and light but worked so well with the juicy steak, that was cooked to perfection.
The vine tomatoes complimented the dish so well and I was very satisfied by the end of the meal!

The pub also does some great looking desserts, which are all homemade too, although we were a little bit too full to order one. Thinking about it now, we really should have gone for it as we were there for a while doing the quiz and when they kept coming out I was getting rather jealous and rather craving a warm chocolate fondant!

If you are in the area, it’s definitely worth stopping by! Oh..and in case you were wondering, we came last in the quiz…but we did win a box of Malteasers for our efforts!

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