Pitt Cue Co. Review

After a long wait, I finally managed to get down to Pitt Cue co. to try out the place I had heard so much about.

I’d been waiting to try this place for so long after seeing so many blog posts with pictures of mouth wateringly juicy burgers and rave reviews; I knew I had to try it for myself!

So one lunchtime, I went along with my friend to see if we could get a seat at Pitt Cue, knowing that I couldn’t book a table and hoping that we would be lucky as the hype of the place should have died down by now!?

Unfortunately the place was full when we went so we waited in the bar and ordered some ciders!


We finally got seated in the upstairs bar area although it was pretty cramped and right by the door, each time the door opened I had it slammed into my back – not the best atmosphere I have to admit.

So as it was a sunny day, we decided to order the take out burgers instead. After all, this place was a burger van to start off with, so their take outs must be up to scratch! I did really want to try the burnt end mash and the specials of bone marrow and ox cheek but I will just have to come back another time to get the real atmosphere of the place.

I ordered a brisket burger to take out, whilst my friend ordered the only other take out option which was the pulled pork burger.

I’ve got to admit, although messy, this was one of the nicest burgers I have tasted in a long while. The burger was incredibly juice and succulent, I was savouring every last mouthful, even the drippy meat juice that was running down my hand as I bit into it! The meat was actually so tender, that it almost melted as soon as it touched my mouth – heaven! The brioche bun had the perfect sweet glaze on the top and the pickles were just the perfect amount of crunch and sourness, everything complimented each other so well.


The menu is pretty simple, with not too much fuss or options on – but I think that’s what makes it great. These guys know how to do a BBQ well and why should they need a menu overloaded with too much info, when they can just offer you the best of the best!

At £6.50 for a take away bun, I think this is pretty reasonable for such a tasty burger! Considering places like Burger King are just a few pounds cheaper and don’t taste anywhere near as good (and probably never could) it definitely seems like a great lunchtime deal to me! Let’

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