National Garlic Day

I LOVE Garlic! It is my favourite ingredient to use and I admit that I will incorporate it into any recipes that I can, whether it be fresh cloves or garlic always makes dishes taste so much better and who cares about the smell!

To my horror I found out that it was National Garlic Day yesterday April 19th! How did I not know this!? I would most definitely have had a garlic celebration…but better late than never eh?!

It has got me thinking, what is my favourite recipe that uses the magical garlic? I sometimes love them just roasted in the oven with a roast dinner, sometimes scouring the chicken and pushing garlic cloves through and drizzling with lemon juice gives the chicken a moist and garlicy flavour.

I also really like the simple dishes such as a fish fillet again with lemon juice and garlic chopped finely with some salt and pepper.

Home-made garlic bread is also a must try, especially when using ciabatta as it comes out lovely and crispy!

I will make sure to post some garlic-fulled recipes soon!