Great British Beef Week – Burgers!

23rd April – 30th April is Great British Beef Week 2012. I love a good steak, but tend to only eat these out rather than cook my own. What I do love to make myself (as well as eating out!) are burgers!!

Burgers are so easy to make and don’t take very long either, so it’s my kind of meal! Some recipes use eggs to bind the mixture together, some add onions for flavour but you can honestly chuck in whatever you like!

I love cheese burgers myself – cheese and meat, what more could you ask for!? So I thought I would try a cheeseburger with a difference…a sort of inside out cheeseburger.

All you need is:
Cheddar cheese (or mozzarella or whatever cheese takes your fancy!)
Beef mince
Worcestershire sauce

Firstly grate your cheese into a bowl.


Then in another bowl, mix the beef and a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce and a sprinkle of paprika and pepper. Work the mixture through and mould into some patties.



Then you simple put the grated cheese onto half of the patties leaving a little bit of a border so that the cheese doesn’t seep through!


Put the other patties, which are cheese-less on top of the cheese topped patties and crimp the edges together carefully.


Lightly grill in a pan for around 6/7 minutes on each side for medium/well done but just keep an eye on depends how big you have made your burgers, as I made mine quite big so it needed a little longer!

When cooking try not to press down on the burgers as you don’t want them to split and the cheese ooze out.

Then put them in a nice bun, with a little salad if you wish and serve.. when you bite into the burger you’ll get some lovely melted cheeze, which oozes out 🙂





Have a look at the Great British Beef Week website here for some recipes and a chance to win £500!!

Let me know what beef delights you are cooking for Great British Beef Week…be it a lasagne, beef bourguignon, beef stew, casserole, stroganoff etc… I’d love to hear about it!