The Little Greek Pie Company

I’d walked past The Little Greek Pie Company a few times before venturing in to the place…Admittedly it wasn’t lunchtime when I’d been past so I had an excuse!

I really fancied a pie the other week though, but not a stodgy one from the chip shop across the road..something delicious but had a touch of healthiness to it…so I thought a Greek Pie would be perfect!

Greek pies are very nutritious and The Little Greek Pie Company makes their pies fresh each morning. The only downside was after looking on the website at the array of pies and really craving a salmon, spinach and ricotta pie I found that they only serve up 4 pies a day so it’s kind of a lucky dip when you go in, you won’t know which ones you will be getting!

On offer for me was:
1. Italian sausage, bell peppers, spinach and haloumi
2. courgette, leeks and feta
3. spinach, fennel, mint and feta
4. wild rice, spinach and feta

It was hard not to get the italian sausage and haloumi but I had been trying not too eat too much meat at the time so opted for a the courgette, leeks and feta pie. My boyfriend chose the spinach, fennel, mint and feta and I have to say they were both amazing.

The mint really came out in the spinach pie, I was worried that I’d be able to taste the fennel (which I’m not too keen on) so steered clear but it was so subtle you couldn’t notice it!

My courgette pie was light but wholesome and a great treat for lunch, leaving me feeling satisfied but not so stuffed that I could barely move!

We also got a side greek salad and I was tempted into getting a small piece of baklava (I can’t get enough of the stuff!)

Definitely worth a look in…the staff are friendly, pies cost from £3.50 a slice and it’s a healthy lunch…what more could you ask?!

On another note, Little Greek Pie also serves a range or desserts like greek yoghurt and honey with toppings of your choice or pavlidou dark chocolate bars. You can also get a good coffee or smoothie/juice in there. For such a little shop there’s quite a lot of choice….oh, and the cute green decor is great too!



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