Tipic Balear

When I was on holiday in Puerto de Pollenca, I stumbled across a wonderful little shop called Tipic Balear.

The shop sells some lovely delicatessen and local gourmet gifts ranging from a variety of flavoured olive oils and vinegars, sea salts from the salt flats on the south of the island and dips as well as local wine!

The best thing is that the staff are so incredibly friendly and offer free tasting of practically the whole store!

I tasted some great liquors and some balsamic vinegars and couldn’t decide what to buy! The balsamic vinegars on offer were flavours such as blood orange and raspberry. But my favourite had to be cranberry which gave the vinegar a subtly sweet after taste – great for adding to salads!

I also bought some white champagne liquor which tasted extraordinarily like Bailey’s but with a creamier texture.

Some other great finds were some herb and mayonnaise mixes! I bought some patatas bravas mixture which you mix with mayonnaise and a tiny bit of water to make a great dip. This also doubles up as a wonderful marinade for chicken or fish, so it’s an all round winner!

If you’re ever in Majorca, go to this shop as you are sure to find some unique gifts which will tickle the taste buds!