Kopi Coffee Review

I am not a huge coffee drinker, although I do love a peppermint mocha from Starbucks!

Coffee is somewhat of an acquired taste and although I admit that I’m not a caffeine addict who needs a dose every morning, I do love a good coffee.

With that said, I jumped at the chance to try out some Kopi coffee to review!

Kopi is a great service, which supplies you with a taster of the coffee of the month from Kopi for a monthly fee. Every month you receive a 250g foil wrapped packet of freshly ground coffee, which comes in a re-sealable pouch. This means that every month you get to try some gourmet coffee and even better it’s delivered straight to your door. It’s great as the box is the perfect fit for most letter boxes, so you don’t have the annoyance of having to go to your local post depot to get the parcel if you aren’t in.


My coffee of the month was the Brazil Mogiana Bella Giana. The fact sheet that comes with the coffee enlightened me to the fact that Mogiana is in the region of Sao Paulo. It also shares some very interesting information about coffee production in Brazil, with 80% coffee production being from Arabica beans – the king you normally find in instant coffee or own brand espresso.

The coffee chosen by Kopi however, was far more gourmet than one you would find on any old supermarket shelf. The difference with this coffee is that it is grown in a smaller plantation at a higher altitude (1000m+) to improve its quality and complexity.

Mogiana Bella Giana is a shade-grown coffee, where beans take longer to mature. This means that the coffee is given a sweet richness of flavour that lower grown beans can never achieve.


The taste is great, strong but slightly sweet with spicy notes to it.
As a medium roast coffee, this wasn’t too strong for me, which is great as I love a milder coffee taste.

I made mine in a cafetiere, and I’ve got to say that this was incredibly easy to drink. The aftertaste was not bitter as a lot of other coffees I have tried are but had a more woody distinct flavour. This coffee was rich and full of nutty tones, perfect for any coffee drinker, especially those who don’t like it too strong!



Check out Kopi Coffee for yourself here.