Wildwood Restaurant Review

On Saturday during a spontaneous trip to Loughton, my boyfriend and I decided to have lunch in Wildwood.

Admittedly, we had tried to go to Belgique and the White Bull Brasserie further down the highstreet first, but Belgique was so full up and the White Bull Brasserie was not accepting card payments due to the waitress dropping the machine and breaking it!

We wandered down the high street, thinking we would end up in Loch Fyne but came across Wildwood on the way. As we were both starving, we decided to have a look at the menu. The decor from the outside, seems a little tacky and the place was pretty much empty so we didn’t have high hopes. I thought the joint would be a bog standard american bbq/burger place from the name and decor. However, I was incredibly wrong, the inside of the restaurant was light and airy and had the modern furnishings of a great Italian place, adorned with big bottles of oil filled with chillies and shelves full of Peronis, amaretti biscuits and other delights.

There was a lot on the menu that caught my eye, I was struggling what to choose, but thankfully the delightful waitress gave us some complimentary olives while we chose! A variety of green and black, with some pimento peppers and garlic thrown in…yummy!

I opted for the bowl of mussels in a creamy wine sauce, and boy was I glad that I chose them. The bowl was massive! The sauce, so rich and creamy, with onions and garlic I couldn’t help but slurp up the sauce and dip my french fries with rosemary salt in!

I would definitely recommend this place as it has a great atmosphere, the waiting staff are very friendly and helpful and the food is delicious!

I had a mandarin mojito to drink, an unusual take on the original mojito but it gave the drink a different kind of refreshing citrus twist to the normal minty flavour.

Next time I go there, I’ll make sure I try the starters! There were so many to choose from that I just couldn’t decide on one! But I’m now disappointed that I didn’t try the baked brie with roasted hazelnuts, garlic, pepper, honey and toasted ciabatta as even as I write this I know how marvellous it would have been!

Cuisine: Italian/American
Price: £35 for 2 without starters/dessert
Dress Code: Casual
food: 9 value: 7 service: 7 ambience: 6 recommend: 7

Have a look at the Wildwood Website here.