My first Mooli

Moolis is a great little place on Frith Street just next to my work!

It serves delicious Indian street food and is a great pit stop for lunch! They also serve breakfasts now too, if you are in the area, this place is really worth a try!

They really do have everything from a refreshing lassi to twizzle the taste buds to some indian beers such as Kingfisher.

I had my first mooli the other day, I’d been wanting to try one since I started my new job last month and spotted the place on my first day! They have a cute little bike sported outside which looks as though they may do deliveries, so if you’re lazy and quite near to the area, you may be in luck!

Mooli’s are a roti wrap essentially, but the fillings are what make this place amazing! They all sounds so tempting, I’m going to have to go back and try each and every one!

I opted for beef for my first attempt – it was the coconut, salsa and yoghurt that swayed my choice although I very nearly opted for the vibrant goan pork and pomegranate salsa.

At a reasonable £5 I think this makes an excellent lunch and it seems like it could get quite addictive! You can also choose the salad box option or get a mini mooli for £3 and add some sides to your lunch, like tangy potatoes and chickpeas.

If you are being healthy, there are some soup and daal options, but if like me, you think pah! Healthy schmealthy! Why not try a sweet delight and have some Kulfi indian ice cream!

Moolis is healthy-ish, fast and very moreish! It’s affordable, clean and has great customer service..what more could you want?!

Have a browse of the Moolis website here.

Cuisine: Indian
Price: £5-8 roti and drink
Dress Code: Casual
Nearest Tubes: Leicester Square, Oxford Circus
food: 9 value: 8 service: 8 ambience: 6 recommend: 10


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