Granola bars

If you have some oats which are due to run out of date shortly, granola bars are great to make! They last for a while and are a great breakfast snack or little treat for elevenses.

The best part is that they are simple to make and you can adapt it to whatever you have in your kitchen.

I don’t have a strict recipe for these, I just chuck the ingredients in and taste as I go, deciding if things are sweet enough before adding more!

The ingredients you will need are:


Oats or granola – if you have porridge oats, you may want to add nuts or sultanas too
chocolate chips – if desired
peanut butter – if desired for a little twist!

To start off melt some butter in a pan, and add a little bit of sugar, I also added peanut butter for a different taste to the granola bar, you can’t taste it too much but it does give it something extra!


Once this has all melted, you will have a lovely syrup…


…you can then stir in the oats/granola and mix thoroughly so the oats are coated in the sticky mixture


Spoon this into a greaseproof lined tin and leave to cool!


Once cooled, you can place in the fridge for a few hours…then slice!


These can keep for a few weeks and really are great little snacks. I used Manuka honey, which is meant to be very good for you (trying to help even out the badness from the sugar :p) The main thing is they taste yummy!