Wahaca Cookery Workshop with Thomasina Miers

I’ve been a very lucky blogger of late…

I was invited to attend a cookery workshop in the Mexican street-food chain Wahaca, but not just any cookery workshop…a workshop led by none other than Thomasina Miers, winner of Masterchef in 2005 and co-owner of the Wahaca restaurants.

Along with 8 other food bloggers, I sat in the newest Wahaca in Westfield Stratford, admiring the graffiti theme and enjoying some complimentary nibbles.

Thomasina or Tommi, as she calls herself chatted away with us before getting started with the demonstrations. We were shown how to make three simple recipes from her new book Mexican food at home.

Thomasina started by preparing the cucumber, chilli, beetroot and ricotta salad. I’ve got to say not only is this dish easy on the eye, but it’s also very palatable and easy to want to devour the whole plate! It was so refreshing to see a healthy Mexican recipe, most people think Mexican is full of grease, and Tommi told us bloggers how she wanted to change people’s views on this and make Mexican cooking at home easy!

Next up was to prepare the ceviche; thinly sliced seabass fillets were left to marinate in a bowl of Wahaca habanero sauce, citrus juices, chilli and onion. Tommi told us about her ventures to Mexico and the use of ‘Lima’ which is a citrus fruit slightly sweeter than a lime; to get the same effect we would be mixing lemon and grapefruit.

Finally came an old mexican favourite – guacamole, something that pretty much everyone has tried and loves. The key ingredients are avocados, lime juice and coriander but Tommi also added onions and green chilli to her recipe to give it that extra kick.

Thomasina’s dishes looked amazing and she managed to do all three in less than half an hour!
Her ceviche:

Her guacamole and beetroot, cucumber and feta salad:

…and then it was our turn to cook, armed with a very big knife and paired with another blogger we faced up to the challenge of making all three dishes within 30 minutes.

I was paired with the lovely Rosanna from Hot & Chilli and after a few drinks we set to work!

Here’s how ours came out:

The best part of the evening was getting to taste our dishes, and oh my, they tasted good!
I had been a ceviche virgin prior to this night, despite reading a lot about it and working opposite the newly opened Ceviche restaurant in Soho…but I’ve got to say my first taste of it was heavenly! The fish did not taste slippery as I had imagined, I had the preconception that it would be almost like sushi with a dressing, but the citrus juices seemed to ‘cook’ the fish perfectly, and the addition of the habanero sauce and chilli gave the fresh seabass a wonderful kick.

The beetroot and ricotta salad was also to die for. I think the key to this was the amazing hibiscus sauce, which was so wonderfully sweet and accompanied the beetroot so well. All the ingredients seemed to marry into one and complement each other perfectly leaving a little taste of wonderful-ness in my mouth!

After tasting our dishes and the other bloggers, we were treated to some food from Wahaca’s summer menu, and after devouring some gorgeous sweet potato chunks and chicken tostadas and sipping on some margaritas it was time for the evening to end.

I had an amazing evening at my first blogger event and really do hope to be invited to some more soon. It’s great to meet like-minded foodies, make new friends, cook with a previous Masterchef winner and of course eat some delectable food but the best part for many of us bloggers was receiving our goody bags! Like excited kids at a birthday party taking home the goody bags, there was not one bloggers face that didn’t light up when we realised we had been given a copy of Thomasina’s new book, which hadn’t even hit the shelves yet….that and a Wahaca habanero sauce!


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