Sandwich of the month!

It’s so tempting working in the middle of Soho to nip into the many eateries and buy some delicious delights for lunch, but you can easily spend over £7.50 a day and in the words of Tesco, ‘every little helps’!

Sticking with the Tesco theme, I recently popped into Tesco to grab a cheap lunch – they do a £2.50 meal deal for a sandwich, snack and drink, which is extremely cheap and great when you have very limited funds! Drinks are not limited to Tesco own brand but can be Diet cokes, or Appletisers too and the crisps options are also for branded versions.

I tried a limited edition sandwich, named the Chicken Chorizo and Chipotle Mayo Sandwich and I’ve got to say it was absolutely amazing! I don’t normally rave about sandwiches, but this really is worth a try and for £1.80 alone or £2.50 in a meal deal, it really won’t cost you much at all!

The chipotle mayo and slight heat from the chorizo give this sandwich the kick that is needs to really spice up your lunchtime, and I have to say I am getting more than a little addicted to them!