Meat Liquor

After months of fantasising about this place, I finally went with a good friend of mine to Meat Liquor. Just the mention of the name, had me salivating at the anticipation of holding one of the infamous burgers!

I knew the food was going to be good after all the hype this place had received and the decor was pretty awesome too. As you walk into the darkness you are adorned with street art and bare bulbs covering the walls. The centre dome feature definitely made the place although I loved that there were hidden little booths dotted around the place.

I was surprised to walk straight in at 6pm on a Tuesday night, but definitely not complaining especially judging by the lengthy queue that we spotted on the way out!

But enough of the small talk…let’s focus on what really matters..the food!!

We opted to share some deep fried pickles and chilli cheese fries and have a burger each. My friend bravely tried the chilli burger, while I chose a classic bacon and cheese .

Stupidly, I asked the waiter if that would be enough for both of us, still debating whether to order some other starters and really pig out (perhaps I just wanted to taste everything as the menu just looked so delicious!)

When our plate arrived, we were left with our jaws hanging wide, mainly at the size of the fries covered with mountains of cheese and meat and french mayonnaise!

My burger was immense, the bacon was perfectly crisp, the meat so succulent and tender but with that hint of greasiness leaving a few wavering strands of oily meat juice running down my arm!

My friends burger, she tells me was awesome too although definitely had a mighty kick which nearly blew her head off! As she opened her bun, we saw why, the ‘chilli butter’ had millions of chillis in it, so much so that she had to scrape a fair bit off in order to regain her tastebuds!

The piece de resistance however, has got to be the deep fried pickles..I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to recreate them at home but I want to try! The flavour was just indescribably good! Crunchy yet juicy and tangy at the same time..pure bliss!

The only downside of our Meat Liquor experience was that it took us a while to get our orders in, and when we did our drinks came after our food turned up! It would have been nice to have caught up over a cocktail and then had another to wash our food down with..but the food was so good it didn’t really matter!


Cuisine: American
Price: Under £25
Dress Code: Casual
Nearest Tube: Bond Street/Oxford Circus
food: 9 value: 9 service: 6 ambience: 7 recommend: 8

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