Charbonnel et Walker Blogger Event

I’ve had the priveledge of attending another blogger event and I must say this was an event not to be turned down!


Charbonnel et Walker, one of the earliest chocolatiers in London (founded in 1875) has even got a Royal Warrant as chocolate manufacturers for The Queen…that’s when you know that these guys are seriously good!

Walking into the flagship store on Old Bond Street, I instantly got that magical whiff of chocolate heaven awakening all of my senses. The smell was so divine, that I could have gone into a chocolate coma there and then…but instead opted for the glass of bubbly and a glorious pink champagne truffle.

After chatting to the other bloggers, and tasting some exquisite chocolates we were told about the history of the company by Adam, the store manager. There were also a few spot prizes on the night, a chance to win some of Charbonnel’s latest collection, which includes real Jamaican cocoa powder and a gorgeous hamper, which we were all vying for! Suffice to say, I didn’t win either…but I was still content with the array of chocolates laid out for us to nibble on throughout the night! The range of chocolates was immense, and when Adam said that we could try whichever one we wanted, I died a little inside, knowing that I was going to have a serious chocolate overdose! My favourites have got to be the Pink Marc de Champagne truffles and vanilla truffles.

Two bloggers had also baked some AMAZING cakes using Charbonnel et Walker chocolate.  Firstly the lovely Becky from Bees Loves Teas blog baked a Rosewater and Raspberry cake.

In all honesty, I thought this cake looked beautiful but wasn’t sure that I would enjoy the cake as I’m not too keen on the rosewater flavour. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how light and moist this cake was. The fresh ripples of raspberries hidden in the sponge were a great little treat and the rosewater was not as overpowering as I thought it may have been. Topped with the sweet Charbonnel et Walker chocolate and some Rose and Violet creams, this cake left me wanting more! She also made some gorgeous looking peanut butter chocolate cookies, which somehow I didn’t try and have regretted deeply!!

Next up was another beautifully decorated cake by Kate Makes Cake. Her white chocolate and strawberry cake was something else entirely; the tempered chocolate hearts were so cute!  Diving into this cake I loved the pink colour and strawberry flavours that came through wonderfully, especially when mixed with the yummy white chocolate icing!

More chatting about how delicious the treats were and a few cheeky cocktails in jam jars and a cute little goody bag and it was time for the night to end..
This was Charbonnel et Walker’s first blogger event and I think it was a great success. I met some really lovely ladies throughout the evening and I hope to see them again soon! Thank you very much for inviting me Charbonnel 🙂