Baked Scotch Eggs

I’ve been wanting to make my own scotch eggs for a while now but have been put off by having to deep fry them…so I thought I’d try it a different way and bake them!

To make them I used:
400g sausage meat
4 hard boiled eggs
1 beaten egg
lots of breadcrumbs!

After boiling and peeling some eggs, you are ready to go!


Divide the sausage meat into 4 portions (if you have plain sausage meat, then I suggest putting some pepper and herbs in to season it a bit). I bought mine from a local farm shop and knew it would taste great!

Sprinkle the surface with a few breadcrumbs so that the meat doesn’t stick to the surface and pat out each portion so it’s quite thin.


Then place an egg in the centre and wrap the meat around the egg. Pinch the sides together to seal it closed.


Dip the sausage-coated eggs into the beaten egg and roll it in the breadcrumbs.


That’s it..pretty easy! Now you just need to place it on a baking tray and into a preheated oven at 200C for about 30 minutes or until lightly browned.20120903-204809.jpg

I think the tip here is really making sure you have well seasoned sausage meat for a tasty scotch egg but for a first attempt these were pretty good!