Free Wahaca breakfast and an avocado smoothie

After walking down Charlotte Street on my way to work, I noticed, very excitedly that a new Wahaca was being built and immediately tweeted them to share my joy!

This happiness was stretched even further when they ran a facebook competition for free breakfasts on their opening weekend for the first 50 people that replied and of course I made sure I was one of the 50!

So last Sunday, myself and a friend met bright and early and stopped off at the new Wahaca for our free breakfast and what a treat we had!

My friend opted for the breakfast burrito, filled with scrambled eggs, frijoles, salsa and streaky bacon.
I on the other hand opted for the aptly named ‘Wrestler’. A glorious toasted white bap filled with avocado, frijoles, roast chipotle salsa, Brindisa chorizo and a fried egg on top!
It was honestly amazing, very very mess but so tasty and filled me up for hours (something that’s normally quite hard to do!)20120909-072951.jpg

We both also opted for an avocado smoothie to drink and I’ve got to say it was so creamy, yet fresh that I wanted to make one myself…so I did when I got home!

It’s so easy, all you need is an avocado, some yoghurt (I opted for vanilla rather than plain this time for a bit of sweetness) a glass of milk and some honey to sweeten more if you want.
All you need to do is pop the ingredients into a blender and whizz it up, put some ice cubes in a glass and pour out the mixture….then DRINK! Easy, quick, healthy and tasty!!

If you are every near Charlotte Street, do pop into Wahaca. The restaurant offers breakfast from 8.30 Monday to Friday and 9am at the weekends. But not only is it a restaurant, there is also a mezcal bar upstairs, which I will definitely be popping to for some after work drinks! It’s still not over, as well as a bar, this new Wahaca has a takeaway lunch menu AND a shop on the side, so you can buy all the mexican goodies that you wish..and of course I did! I couldn’t leave without some hibiscus flowers and one of the Wahaca sauces (Fiery habanero sauce) which I know put on pretty much everything, it is DELICIOUS!

To see more about Wahaca Charlotte Street, click here.