Jamie’s Italian – St Albans Review

I had heard a lot of good things about Jamie’s Italian from various people so after a spot of shopping in St Albans myself and my boyfriend had worked up an appetite and decided to try Jamie’s.

I’ve got to admit I loved seeing a chef making fresh pasta as soon as I entered the restaurant and as an avid Jamie Olive fan I was looking forward to the meal!

We tried the Italian bread selection and the world’s best olives on ice to start – large green olives with black olive tapenade and a crispy bread. Personally, I have tasted far better olives and these did not in any way deserve the title of the world’s best. The ice had also melted all over our table and napkins and suffice to say I wasn’t very impressed. The tapenade and crisp bread however, was very moreish and that I could have done more of.


For a main, I had black angel spaghetti – scallops, garlic, chilli,anchovies, wine, parsley, capers and squid ink pasta. I have to say that my main was very nice although I would have liked more scallops! The garlic and chilli oil flavours really hit the spot and the saltiness from the capers and anchovies worked wonderfully with the pasta.


Our desserts were the biggest letdown, I had a chocolate and vin Santo pot with hazelnut biscotti and zabaglione ice cream whilst my boyfriend opted for the amalfi lemon curd slice with toasted pistachios and crushed berries.

As a diner who always saves room for dessert, I did not finish this one, not because my stomach was so full that it could take no more but because it was simply bland and boring. There was nothing in any mouthful that got my juices going or left me wanting more, in fact it just made me want a drink to wash the taste away.

I was rather jealous of my boyfriend’s dessert after my atrocity, but having tasted the subject in question I soon realised that I was not missing out. The sharp lemon was zingy and refreshing but I really could not understand why this had been paired with toasted pistachios and crushed berries as the flavours did not seem to work in harmony together at all!

Altogether, our experience at Jamie’s Italian was adequate..it was not what we had expected although as a Jamie fan and after many other rave reviews I would be willing to try it again, perhaps at a London Branch next time.



Price: £20-30 for 3 courses and drink
Dress Code: Casual
food: 5 value: 7 service: 5 ambience: 6 recommend: 5