To dunk or not to dunk? The perfect chocolate biscuit

Scientists are said to have revealed that the perfect percentage of chocolate in a biscuit is 60%

But what really makes the perfect biscuit? Well, chocolate definitely helps! I’m partial to a hobnob or two and a good chocolate dipped Vietnamese whirl is a bit of alright too but are they really perfect? In all honesty I don’t think I have tasted that perfect biscuit yet (although oreos do come quite close)

The lovely people at Bahslen sent me some of their choco liebnitz biscuits to try, so armed with a cup of tea I began testing.

The liebnitz definitely has more chocolate than biscuit, which is a good thing in this case as the actual biscuit taste is quite poor.

For me a good biscuit is it’s distinctiveness, what seperates it from the rest of the pretty packaging on the shelf! This could be the rich, buttery and crumbly texture of shortbread or the oaty goodness from a hobnob and as we all know a flavoursome chocolate/caramel topping always helps to tick those boxes for those of us with a sweet tooth!

Aswell as discovering the perfect chocolate to biscuit ratio, Mindlab International have stated that consumers are no longer in love with dunking biscuits but prefer sophisticated snacking on luxury continental chocolate treats. I wholly disagree with this statement; as much as I love a little luxury chocolate/biscuit I also love a good dunk too as I’m sure many other Brits still do on a daily basis. Personally, I see a suitable test for biscuit bliss via the dunk test;and unfortunately the Liebnitz does not make the cut! Left just a second too long and you risk a soggy mush undernath a thick slightly melted chocolate disc.

Suffice to say, the Liebnitz has a lot more work to do if it wants the title of ‘perfect’ biscuit. It needs to focus on perfecting the biscuit itself rather than trying to cover up the bland base with a thick layer of chocolate. Give me a custard cream any day, sorry Liebnitz!