The College Arms – Hertford Heath

The College Arms is a gorgeous little pub in Hertford Heath, which serves outstanding food. In fact, I actually think that this pub serves better food than a number of restaurants I have been in.

Menus change seasonally with different specials every day offering local produce and meals that will get your taste buds tickled with delight. The menu has just changed again now, so I will be sure to be going back soon to see what is on offer!

Food is reasonably priced and the last time I came I was in for a very big treat.

For starters I had the pub snacks; and as it was game season I was treated to a scotch quails egg, a pheasant sausage roll, duck scratchings, devilled crispy rabbit and piccallili.


When the board came out, it definitely caught the attention of the other envious diners as well as ours, and we were also treated to a mini pint glass of cider jelly and apple foam – so cute and very refreshing for the palate. The scotch egg was cooked perfectly with just a litle runniness to the yolk and the pheasant sausage roll was seasoned perfectly. I’m not normally a fan of piccallili but when it arrived in the cute little jar, it did not disappoint and worked really well with the other parts of the plate.

For the main course, I opted for a fillet of sea bream with squash puree, chorizo, spinach, cherry tomatoes and a sherry vinegar reduction.20130303-133927.jpg

This actually knocked my socks off! It tasted amazing, the squash puree with the sherry vinegar reduction was sweet and worked so well with the fish and the juicy cherry tomatoes with the wonderful flavour of chorizo just made every mouthful a delight.

I have to admit, that I was pretty full but I could not resist having dessert! My partner sampled the Five ‘More’ reasons to love chocolate, which consisted of five different chocolate dishes on one board from mini donuts, mint chocolate ice cream, chocolate mousse and others!


I opted for the chocolate fondant with frozen white chocolate panna cotta and a raspberry sorbet.


The fondant had a gorgeously gooey chocolate centre and the panna cotta was something I would definitely try again, but for me the raspberry sorbet really made the dish complete. I was a bit wary at first, but it was so refreshing after all the sweetness and gave a little sharp kick to the dessert.

This was possibly one of the best meals I had eaten (although the first time I went here, I said the same thing…the minted lamb shepherds pie and lamb shank main was one of the best things I have EVER tasted). The pub also does a great fish and chips, which you can order and have to take away, perfect for a Friday night in!


As you can probably tell, I am a BIG fan of this place, the food is outstanding and the atmosphere is great too; I have taken a number of friends here who have been amazed at the decent prices for such well made food. I’m not sure who the chef is, but I definitely want to know him/her!!

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