Flat Iron Steak Review

I had read a lot of good things about Flat Iron Steak and had told anyone who would listen about how much I wanted to go there..so it seemed apt that my very dear, fellow steak lover whom I call Wifey (that’s a whole different story for another time) just had to be the girl to go with me.

Admitedly, she put me through a lot of torture rearranging our steak date, and then leaving me heartbroken by cancelling the morning we were due to go…I really could have cried! She soon realised this was a big error and that she needed to taste this amazingly good steak and thankfully we trotted off to Beak street after work and ventured into the place itself.

I was first to get there and keen to get us a table, it’s one of those places that takes no reservations – seems to be the done thing these days..hurrah no queue I noted! But as I hovered about outside I noticed that a hell of a lot of people kept going in and not wanting to miss out I secured us a table and waited for Wifey to come by having a large rhubarb cocktail which was very nice indeed!

The bar downstairs serves cocktails and beers ( some very interesting looking pale ales that I must try next time) and best of all it serves donuts! The smell of which, leave you craving something sweet!

When wifey arrived, the man on the door very kindly came to get me and showed us to our table where we promptly ordered a caraffe of wine , which turned up with some seriously moorish beef dripping popcorn while we decided what to eat.

There is only one kind of steak on the menu – namely the flat iron steak, which is a lovely, lean and tender cut that tastes divine!

We opted for a steak each and shared every side on the menu!


The creamed spinach was divine leaving my friend and I fighting for the last mouthful, whilst the aubergine was seasoned superbly and the side salad had a great crunch with the walnuts and blue cheese morsels. Topped with some dripping cooked chips and horseradish and peppercorn sauce, we were in heaven!

Everything was presented in a great way too and I can honestly say that was one of the best steaks I have had and so reasonably priced!

I had seen on twitter the mini cleavers used instead of steak knives..as well as the rave reviews about the food, this was another reason I had wanted to visit Flat Iron! The mini cleavers are ridiculously cute, I need to get myself a little set.


After the meal, we were pleasantly full but still had room for dessert obviously! We were treated to a scrummy salted caramel mousse. If you say salted caramel anything I am generally sold and will love it, but this was another level…straight from an aerated can this was whipped into our glasses and served up light as air and extremely tasty..although when we suggested free refills I think they thought we were joking!

All together this place is a definite must if you are a foodie! It is reasonably priced and has great food and service. The only slight letdown is that the seating is quite cramped and you may knock elbows with a random stranger
(this may have happened to us a few times when we got a little too excited about the food) but a thoroughly good evening!