What a load of frittata

Frittata…An Italian egg based dish, similar to a Spanish omelette, but with a much better sounding name!

You can use whatever you want for your frittata – meat/cheese/vegetables etc. For this I have used fish as I had some to use up! I’ve used haddock, but cod would work just as well or any fish that has been de-boned.

Pack of smoked haddock (use un-smoked if you don’t like the taste)
2 bay leaves
4 eggs
bunch of spring onions
fresh mint
frozen peas
olive oil
cheese of your choice

Firstly the fish and bay leaves need to go into a pan with water to infuse.

Whilst the fish is cooking, you can beat the eggs in a bowl and add some seasoning.

Cut the spring onions and mint( you could use other herbs if you have some available, I think parsley would work too) and pop this into the egg mixture with a handful of peas.

Take the fish out once cook and flake it up discarding skin if there was any on it.

Now get a frying pan and just like an omelette add some oil and the egg mixture..put the fish into the pan and grate your chosen cheese over the fish. You can also stick this under the grill for a few minutes to get the top nice and golden 🙂

Serve with a fresh salad and you are ready to go for a lovely light supper!