Homemade Chutney – First attempt!

I have been wanting to make chutney for a long time now. So armed with a new kilner jar I stopped putting it off and raided my cupboards for ingredients.

I soon decided that tomato and onion chutney was on the cards. Although with no strict recipe and as a first attempt I won’t list the exact measurements that I have used as there is still a lot of work to be done to make this chutney award winning!

Firstly I took 2 red onions and a clove of garlic and chopped them up as small as possible. I put this into a pan to simmer away whilst cutting the rest of the tomatoes that were in my cupboard. In hindsight I should have removed the tomato skins but in my haste I left these in! (Note for next time to remove skins first!)


Then I added a LOT of sugar…gave the mix a big stir and left it to simmer for over an hour!


Gradually, you see the colour change from a bright red, to a darker tinge and a much thicker consistency.


I’ve got to say, for a first attempt..it wasn’t bad….and is definitely good with a nice bit of cheese on some fresh tiger bread!


Next time, I think some sultanas might be added in to the mix…I’ll let you know how that batch goes!

p.s…any chutney tips will be gladly received!