Bill’s Restaurant Review – Covent Garden

I’ve heard a lot about Bill’s…now Bill is not a person, but a chain of restaurants. It’s been popping up over London recently and I needed to try it out, so off I went with my friend Paul to the Covent Garden branch, hidden away on St Martin’s courtyard.

This Bill’s is set up over two floors, with a small outside area for when we are lucky enough to have some sunshine. There’s a lot going on inside, the walls are like store cupboards, lined to the ceiling with all sorts of goodies from jams, to cookies, to elderflower cordial…all of which you can buy and take home to devour in peace.

Service was on the whole good, our waiter was a little odd, but amusing nonetheless! Thinking we were on a first date and putting his foot in it a lot of the time (thankfully I was out with a very old friend and we had a good laugh at his expense although both agreed after that we should have played along!) Our wine of choice was not available so we chose another slightly more expensive bottle and asked if we could have it for the price of the original…the clumsy waiter said that he would see what he could do and also forgot to get our table water despite asking twice.

I opted for a fish pie for my main whilst my dining partner chose the next thing on my wish list, a monkfish stew. I was told that my fish pie would take about 20 minutes due to being freshly cooked and would this be ok, I thought this was the standard waiting time so agreed. While waiting my friend and I decided we should get some nibbles and tried to catch the waiter’s eye for a good ten minutes to order some bread/olives..anything! We finally ordered and then got served our mains a mere two minutes later with the waiter asking if we did want the bread as he hadn’t put the order through yet and the mains came out quicker than expected…we declined.

Both mains were good, although piping hot as if they had come out of a microwave. I burnt the roof of my tongue several times, despite leaving it to sit for a few minutes and blowing on my food before putting it in my mouth 😦 We were left satisfied, just, but still very very hungry so opted for dessert.

I have to say that the crème brulee is served in a larger dish than most other places and looked very good (I wanted it, but my friend beat me to ordering it…and I have this thing about not ordering the same thing) so I chose the special of the day which was some sort of banoffee pie concoction..distinctly average, and I wouldn’t order it again.

Overall, Bill’s seems a little pricey for what you get. We were left still hungry and thinking about getting some more food from a pub on the way home…(my friend later told me that he got McDonalds at the station on the way home!!)

Not as amazing as I thought it would be, I’d suggest just going to the online shop if you want to get anything from Bill’s. The produce that you can buy does look good, but the restaurant lacks any sparkle and I think it is probably much better as a breakfast place rather than lunch or dinner.

Cuisine: British
Price: 2 courses and a bottle of wine for 2 came to £60
Dress Code: Casual
Nearest Tube: Covent Garden
food: 6 value: 5 service: 6 ambience: 6 recommend: 6