The Greeks know how to throw a party…

The wonderful people at TOTAL Greek Yoghurt invited me to a party launching their great new TV advert, and what a party it was! There was no sign of plate smashing, but there was a lot of laughter and fun to be had, whilst finding out some very interesting facts about Greek Yoghurt and what you can do with it!

Special guests included the master patissier Eric Lanlard who baked a truly delicious cake for the occasion and Greek chef Tonia Buxton who showed the guests how to make some divine dishes using Total Greek Yoghurt. During the evening we munched on Greek Yoghurt, Feta and Fig tarts and even had some rose petal ice cream made using TOTAL Greek Yoghurt.

The TOTAL Greek Yoghurt company dates back to 1926, when the founder Athanassios Filippou first opened a small dairy and soon became known for producing the creamy Greek yoghurt we know today as TOTAL. The new TV ad is of course set in Greece with a vintage colour film look, taking us back to 1926 and through to present day Greece…revealing that like a lot of rural Greece, ‘TOTAL Greek Yoghurt is unchanged since 1926.’

TOTAL is the number one yoghurt brand in Greece, which means it must be good! It’s also the number one Greek yoghurt brand in the UK and it’s easy to see why: it’s 100% natural and additive free using just milk and live yoghurt cultures. It’s also high in protein and is extremely versatile. Many people forget that yoghurt is a much healthier alternative to cream when cooking and there are so many different things that you can do with yoghurt.

Why not try a classic Tzatziki – use Greek Yoghurt, Mint, garlic, cucumber and a dash of salt and you have a wonderfully fresh dip.

It’s not only food that yoghurt can be added to…have you ever tried a cocktail made with TOTAL Greek Yoghurt?? I hadn’t either, and I probably had the same reaction as you, but surprisingly it works, and it works really rather well!

We were treated to some wonderfully pink Greek Yoghurt Martinis made using Tawny port, Krupnik honey liquer, pomegranate syrup, honey and lemon with a layer of TOTAL Greek Yoghurt. They were not only a beautiful pink colour, but tasted sweet, creamy and delicious (I had quite a few!)

Check out the new TV ad for yourself here and keep an eye out for it on your screens!