Deceptively tasty pot boiled chicken

Sundays…a day synonomous with roast dinners…mmm and who doesn’t love a good roast?

I definitely do but I can get a bit bored of the same old roast dinner every week. Sure I might flavour my chicken with garlic or lemon or herbs each week but it stil tastes the same!

So I thought, why not pot boil my chicken this week? Surely it’s healthier too?

You need all the ingredients that you would for a normal roast, whichever vegetables you have handy and a nice big pot!

The best thing about this is that you can make the chicken as tasty as you want by adding spices such as paprika, tumeric etc and giving the chicken a gorgeous yellow colour and wonderful taste.

1 whole chicken
Butternut squash/carrots
Salt and pepper
Green beans
Chicken stock cube

Firstly get a pot large enough to fit the whole chicken in… something like a casserole dish will be perfect..then put the chicken in!

Get some chicken stock mixed with water and pour this into the pot, if the stock doesn’t cover the chicken then you can add more water.


Season with salt and peppercorns and gently simmer with the lid on.. You can also add some bacon to the chicken now!


After about 15/20 minutes on a low heat you can add the potatoes, squash and the rest of the veg and make sure it fits snuggly in the pan and then simply close the lid and let everything work its magic! (This is when you can add paprika, tumeric etc…whatever spices take your fancy!)


This just needs to simmer down on a low heat until the chicken is so soft and tender that it starts to fall off the bone!

After about 40 minutes it should be done and you can serve with some of the juices in a nice big bowl and enjoy the warmth and heartiness that this meal brings!