Harissa River Cobbler & Cauliflower ‘rice’

I recently got some harissa paste from Sainsbury’s and could not wait to try it out! But what to make, it needed to be something different!

Harissa is of Arabic origin, something that immediately made me think mmm a nice lamb and cous cous dish..in fact harissa is perfect for spicing up cous cous but I have made something far better…

Harissa marinated river cobbler with an even healthier cous cous/rice dish…cauliflower ‘rice’!

This dish (like most of my creations) is extremely simple and does not require much attention or skill!

Firstly grab your fish fillets and cover them lovingly in the harissa paste and a bit of salt and pepper…then leave it for half an hour for the harissa to work its magic into the fish!


Whilst this is marinating, you can go grab a cup of tea, do a few bits and pieces or get on with the cauliflower prep!


For this you need to get a nice big cauliflower:


Peel of the green leafs so you are left with the cauliflower florets:


Now have some fun and chop, chop, chop into chunks:


Then you can simply blitz the cauliflower up!


The consistency is like a mix of rice and cous cous and only takes about 5-7 minutes to cook!

I simply heated some garlic oil in a pan and fried the cauliflower, squeezing the juice of a whole lemon over to get a citrussy taste.


Meanwhile, you can now be frying your fish soaked in the harissa paste, this shouldn’t take too long to cook either, flip over halfway through and cook right through (about 10-12minutes)


Once everything is cooked (see told you it was simple) it is time to plate up, leave it clean or drizzle the harissa juices over the cauliflower for extra flavour..it’s up to you!



The lemony cauliflower works so well with the fish and the spicy harissa flavour is super tasty! Harissa paste will work wonderfully with meat too and also run through some greek yoghurt as a dip!

The smokey flavours of the red peppers, cumin and garlic are a staple in traditional harissa pastes. Sainsbury’s new speciality ingredients harissa paste also includes rose petals, smoked paprika, coriander and carraway seeds…and boy does it pack a punch!

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