Product of the Month: Pizza Express Christmas Menu

There’s not just one product of the month this time but a selection for you to try at none other than Pizza Express.

The new Christmas menu launched last week (18th November) and have a delightfully festive twist.

Christmas starters come in the form of arancini ragu and Contadino. If you are a foodie, you will have tried arancini balls from various italian street vendors and ragu and mozzarella balls from Pizza Express are quite the dish – covered in breadcrumbs for crunchy texture but also served with arrabiata sauce to soak up the flavour!

The Contadino is a hearty stew made of fennel and chilli sausage, lentil, mushrooms and passata. I’m not a big fennel fan but thankfully the fennel didn’t overpower the dish. The warm dough sticks served on the side are great to soak up the sauce and it’s easy to get stuck right in!

If you thought the starters sounded good…wait till you hear about the new pizzas. I could litterally eat both all day long (seriously, I actually could)

For meat lovers you have to try the new Porchetta option – roasted pork belly, sage, taleggio on a scrumpy cider apple sauce with little morsels of pork crackling drizzled on top. I know my mouth waters at the thought of it, but once you get that baby in your mouth you will actually feel like you are in heaven; everything on the pizza just works in unison!

The next pizza is a veggie option – although if you are big on truffle, you may like this almost, if not more than the Porchetta. This decadent delight is called the Trifolata – chestnut and closed cup mushrooms, taleggio cheese,sage, garlic and a mushroom truffle sauce. It’s a very rich pizza but one that truly does tantalise the tastebuds!

Now after those treats, you will probably have quite a full belly, but no trip to Pizza Express is complete without some doughballs…whether savoury or sweet.

Yes, it’s the return of the Snowball Dough Balls – dough balls sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar and served with a sweet vanilla cream dip that is so incredibly moreish, much like the garlic butter you may find yourself asking for another bowl! ( This is also finished off with a cute little chocolate star…well it is Christmas after all!)

See, after reading that I know that you’ll agree it’s pretty impossible to choose just one dish as product of the month, so I’ll try and stick to courses…and the mains win it, just ever so slightly!