Pan seared Tuna on sauteed veg

If you often come home from work starving, or are just generally quite lazy and would rather get in and spend most of your evening in front of the telly than in the kitchen slogging away, then this is your new favourite dish!

Tuna is ideal for a quick and healthy supper, it literally takes a flash in a pan to cook, but what should you have with it? How about some nice fresh veg…or whatever you have in the cupboards!

Tuna fillets (1 per person)
Garlic cloves
Olive oil
Oregano (or coriander will do)
Pitted olives
1 lemon

Firstly prep quickly! Get all the veg chopped up nicely:

Then season your tuna steaks with sea salt, pepper and oregano and leave to rest at room temp for a while:


Get some oil hot in a pan and toss in the garlic to fry for a minute then add in your pitted olives:


You can then add the courgettes, and after another minute or two add the tomatoes and give everything a good stir and splash of pepper!


Throw in some capers too, which will give a salty crunch to the dish and then squeeze your lemon over the veg before taking off the heat!

In another hot pan simply place your tuna fillets in a pan and sear on each side for 1-1 and a half minutes so that it’s lovely and pink inside! I left mine on slightly too long as I had quite chunky pieces but thankfully it was still a little pink inside and lovely and soft to eat.

Whatever you do, do not murder the tuna! Leaving it cooking for too long and going white right through leaves the meat very tough and chewy 😦

You can now plate up your veg in a nice heap and place your sliced tuna fillet on top! Healthy and cooked in about 15/20 minutes!