Zizzi Finchley Road – Re-opening Review

I’m not generally a fan of chain restaurants, I tend to prefer to fight for the underdog and spend my money in local one-off eateries however, with the grand re-opening of Zizzi in Finchley’s O2 Centre I thought I’d give the well known Italian restaurant a chance and see what the place and the food was like.

The O2 Centre is an indoor shopping/entertainment centre just yards from Finchley Road stations, so very easy to get to…and like most malls, the food court has its own ‘section’…this time we found Zizzi’s and the other dining outlets on the top floor.

Open plan with numerous tables, the restaurant can definitely sit a large number of people. There’s a seat for everyone – if you love to people watch, you can sit at the front of the restaurant and watch the world go by, or alternatively sit by the open kitchen and watch your food being prepared in front of your eyes. Then there are the diners that just want to hide away and aren’t in the mood for talking…they can hide out in the comfy corner seats and relax, within walking distance to the bar!

The food is wonderfully Mediterranean and not just limited to pizza and pasta…I tend to hate ordering salads whilst dining out but the super Zucca and chicken and prosciutto salad were extremely inviting and perfect for a hot summer’s day! Both were also marked as under 600 calories, as were some of the other dishes on the menu; so great if you/your dining partner are trying not to pile on the pounds. My friend who visited Zizzi with me is not a fan of cheese, so I was apprehensive about her visiting an Italian restaurant with me…however upon asking for no cheese in her main meal, the staff were more than accommodating of her request.

Zizzi’s certainly surprised me, and definitely in a good way! The food is served in generous portions and the staff are extremely welcoming. If you want to grab a quick bite after shopping or before watching a film, then I can see why you would stop in at one of the many Zizzi restaurants across the country, and at such affordable prices and great taste, then why not!