Not your traditional eggy Brunch


Perfect breakfast food, even better brunch food and always good to use with your leftover food that you need to get rid of!

So that’s what I did for breakfast this morning…

Grabbed my spinach that I needed to use (a good few handfuls) and poured over some boiling water to wilt it down:


Then turn up your oven to around 200 degrees.

Grab some cute little ramekins and line the bottom with your freshly wilted spinach:


Now add some tinned chopped tomatoes and the sauce or add fresh ones if you have them to spare.. Splash a sprinkle of nutmeg on them:


And then simply crack an egg on top and season with salt and pepper:


Put it in the oven until the eggs are cooked to your liking for me it was around 13-15 minutes and voila it is as easy as that!


Enjoy with some fresh bread slathered in butter to dunk into your eggy mix and enjoy!!


If you have any chorizo or pancetta, I think this would make an awesome addition!