National Sausage Week: Sausage Omelette

This week 3rd – 9th November is National Sausage Week, and who doesn’t love a good sausage eh!?

There are so many hearty sausage stew/bake/casserole recipes that are perfect for this time of year to warm you up as the weather outside gets colder.

I’ve gone a little off topic and associated sausages with breakfast; there is nothing better than a full on fry up at the weekend but who has time for that!?

Omelettes are the perfect quick and easy breakfasts and below is the recipe should you wish to make one for yourself! The key to this recipe is the sausages: I have used Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference caramelised red onion and pork sausages, which are currently on offer – 2 packs for £5 so less that 50p per sausage!


Cherry tomatoes
Red peppers

1. Whack the grill on and start cooking those sausages – remember to keep turning every few minutes and they should take between 10-15 minutes to cook.

2. In a bowl crack 2 eggs and mix in some chopped red pepper, spinach leaves, chopped tomatoes and ripped up salami.


3. Once the sausages are cooked, chop
Into pieces and put into the bowl with the other ingredients.

4. Put everything into the pan and let the heat work its magic, flip so both sides are done and tuck in!



The sweetness from the caramelised onion sausages takes this omelette to the next level, try it for yourself and see!