Christmas Prosecco Mess

Most people love a good glass of bubbly, especially during the festive season; and I am definitely one of them! I’ve always been a fan of all things sparkling, but have a definite penchant for Prosecco over Champagne so when I was set the task of creating a dessert featuring my favoured tipple, I couldn’t wait!

I’m a big fan of making things that don’t require too much time or effort, yet still taste divine and one of my all time favourite desserts is Eton Mess. It’s the perfect summer dessert – lashings of whipped cream mixed with gorgeously refreshing berries and is so wonderfully simple to make. I’ve decided to make my own boozy Christmas version using Sainsbury’s Gold Award Taste the Difference Conegliano Prosecco and I think it may well knock your socks off!

The Conegliano Prosecco is great value for money, and is one of the best prosecco’s I’ve had the pleasure of trying (and there have been more than a few!) It’s so light and refreshing on the palate that mixed into this dessert, you may be forgiven for not even realising the alcohol content in there. Not to worry though, you can always have a glass of the good stuff whilst devouring the ‘Christmas Mess’!

imageIngredients (all from Sainsbury’s)

Sainsbury’s Conegliano Prosecco
British Extra Thick Double Cream
Meringue Nests
Icing sugar
Mixed berries/Raspberries
Summer fruits (from the frozen section) defrosted
Mixed fruits with cranberries & Apricots
Cut Mixed Peel
Orange zest
Fresh mint (to garnish)




1.  Firstly grab a bowl and put in a good few tablespoons of the frozen berries to defrost – as this is a Christmassy effort, I took out most of the redcurrants for a more Christmassy feel! Once defrosted, cover the berries with 2 tablespoons of icing sugar, you can do 1 – but if you have a sweet tooth then be generous, it is Christmas after all! Next is the fun part, drizzle a good glug or two of the delightful Sainsbury’s Conegliano Prosecco, from the Taste the Difference range over the fruit and icing sugar mix and watch it fizz! This will be your boozy, fruity, Christmas sauce.


2. Line up your serving bowls/glasses – Eton Mess needs to be served in something clear so you can see the wonderful colours!

3. Crush up a meringue and place in each of the serving bowls, followed by a sprinkling of the mixed peel and some crushed up walnuts, then sprinkle a dollop of the thick cream on top.




4. Put the rest of the cream into a separate bowl and whisk it up until lovely and thick! I suggest using a machine whisk rather than doing it by hand, unless you have a LOT of time on your hands and/or you are incredibly strong!


5. Mix in some orange zest and the rest of your crushed up meringues to the newly whipped cream and add another splash of Prosecco (well, it is the season to be merry!)

6. Generously dollop the whipped cream meringue mixture into the bowls.

7. Line the bowls with your fresh fruit for decoration and as part of your five a day – raspberries/strawberries/blueberries/cranberries if you can get some.

8. Spoon some of the frozen fruit fruit mix on to the top of the cream and drizzle the syrup over too!

9. Garnish with a sprig of mint, and devour with a nice glass of Prosecco!

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