Could this be the perfect bacon sarnie?

Mmmm bacon…just saying the word makes me salivate more than a picture of Chris Hemsworth. It’s pretty much my all time favourite food, EVER and is sure as hell the reason why I could never be a vegetarian.

You just can’t beat a good old bacon sarnie, it perks you up when you’re feeling hungover and even when you’re fact you need no excuse to consume one..just the fact that well, bacon is bloody amazing!


But the real question is, what makes the PERFECT bacon sarnie? Now we all have our own opinions..brown sauce or ketchup, white or brown bread…bla, bla, bla.

I am here to introduce you to a new bacon creation that is out of this world and guaranteed to split the nation!

You see it all started with a conversation about marmite and the endless creations you can make. I was first introduced to avocado and marmite sandwiched by my friend Jess. Yes, I thought it was a pretty strange combo when I first heard it too, when I tasted it I have to admit I was gutted that I hadn’t thought of it earlier. I mean I love avocados and especially avocado on toast so why not put marmite on too!

That’s when the bacon got Friday morning, walking into the deli near my workplace I craved an avo/marmite sammy…but it was Friday and everyone knows Fridays are a bacon sandwich kinda day (especially if you’ve been out the night before)…that’s when the flash bulb appeared above my head and I knew it would be a hit!

Despite the strange looks from the waitresses and questions from people in the queue about my choice, I stuck to my guns and ordered a bacon, avocado and marmite sandwich on brown bread with butter and it was EPIC!! Yes, When the waitress had to ask her boss how much to charge me as no one had asked for that before, I had a strong sense of acheivement (£3.50 well spent).

Now I urge all you marmite bacon lovers to take the challenge and make this sandwich..even toast the brown bread if you dare! Once you try this sexy sarnie you will never look back…

Brown/wholemeal bread
Streaky bacon

Butter one side with butter..not margerine!

Butter the other with marmite, as much as you like!

Cook the bacon till it is nice and crispy..fry rather than grill for extra taste and fattiness (who wants a healthy bacon sandwich?!)

Place the bacon on the marmite slathered side of bread, top with avocado and a bit of black pepper to season, then firmly pat the buttered side of bread on top, slice in half and devour!

I’ve entered my sandwich into the search for the ultimate bacon butty, check it out here.