Yo Sushi Richmond

I am what some may say a Yo Sushi whore…or as the Yo! Club say, a Yo! Lover. That conveyor belt still tickles me years later and I always say to myself, just one more plate!

After several years of working in London, I’ve been to most of the Yo! Sushi outlets in the capital and it’s refreshing to see how different the Richmond Yo! Sushi is.

The place immediately has a more restaurant feel to it compared to its Central London counterparts, which seem to be more about grabbing a quick bite and rushing off as per the generic Londoner’s lifestyle.

The subtle cherry blossom decor that lines the walls adds a more welcoming and homely touch and somehow makes the place somewhere that you could easily sit in all evening, which is what I did recently on a Monday evening! This was probably helped by the extensive wine selection that is now offered making the outlet a great place for an informal after work catch up with friends.


The fact that the restaurant is right opposite Richmond station is also a massive bonus, one can be eating a salmon and avocado handroll and three minutes later be sat on the train home…and believe me, the amount I eat in Yo Sushi, you never feel like running for the train!

The best thing of all is a secret dish that I’d never tried before: Fish karaage – off cuts of tuna and salmon marinaded in sake and soya, which are only put on the belt at certain restaurants I’m told! Now I’ve had this, I’ll be coming to the Richmond Yo! Every week and keeping an eye out for these succulent beauties, once you’ve tried them you’ll be wanting more…and wondering why they weren’t on the menu to start with!


If you’re not a huge sushi fan, Yo! Sushi offers some specials such as this yummy duck dish below:


Or for something super filling and healthy try their ramen dishes, for £8 these bad boys are pretty hefty bowls (put it this way they were bigger than my head)

We tried the seafood and the chicken option and both broths were seasoned well – the key to a good ramen dish!



These guys also do some great desserts such as their banana and chocolate harumaki, essentially fritters with raspberry coulis but a real sweet treat! They also serve strawberry cheesecake mochi – this is far better than the standard mochi they serve and far less glutinous and gloopy, instead it’s more of a sweety gooey goodness, best eaten all in one!



So what are you waiting for? Head down there now, and if you’re in a hurry just ring up in advance or get online and order some Yo to go via their takeaway service.