Product of the Month: Graze

You have probably seen Graze boxes around for a while now, and so have I…but I’ve never actually bought into them.

In January, like most people I decided to start eating a little healthier and by chance I got a freebie at Charing Cross Station on my usual commute into work. I always tend to take these freebies, try them and never ever buy them again…but not this time!


I usually hate healthy snacks and to be honest, these didn’t look like they would fill me with job but they were actually super tasty, crunchy and moreish yet manage to keep me feeling full until lunchtime without that guilty feeling…result!

So much so that I have signed up for a Graze box, something I never thought I would do or promote – but I’m actually loving it! You can get your box of four snacks weekly or fortnightly or even just have a break for a while and put your box on hold, which is exactly what I like!

If you want to try it out, then use the code below and you can get your 1st and 5th box free 🙂 then special code:DX63KPPDP