Good Earth Review

Please note, this review was originally published on Blue Tomato Reviews in 2014

Chinese food normally fills me with worry, dollops of glutinous sauces and oily prawn crackers tend to leave me with an enormous food baby and a desperate need to lie down. However, I wasn’t going to the local takeaway where I could get and entire meal for two for £20, this was a fancy Chinese…well it was in Knightsbridge after all.

Once inside we were greeted to a small but sophisticated dining atmosphere; it was not until the end of the meal on visiting the little girls room that I realised there was a deceptively big downstairs area with huge round tables and “lazy Susan’s” for larger parties.

We were shown to our table which was in between two other couples and I have to say despite it being fairly cramped and rather intimate, I was in good company so managed to drown out the conversations of my ‘neighbours’ and catch up with my good friend.

After asking for some help choosing a good bottle of white, our waitress got hold of her manager who pointed out the Pinot Grigio on the menu (£41 per bottle) and we were then presented with the extensive food menu!

Both my friend and I are extremely indecisive, and as I have a general love of all things food, the decision of what to order was all getting just a little bit too much! After much deliberation, we finally decided on two chicken starters to share: Satay chicken on skewers served with a peanut dip (£5.40) were incredibly juicy, although we wished there had been more than just one skewer each as they were polished of rather too quickly! I much preferred my choice of Pan-fried chicken and chive dumplings served with a vinegar dip (£8.40) as for a start there was more of them and the dumplings were perfectly seasoned.

For mains, my friend opted for Sweet & Sour pork with fresh fruits (£13.80) and it was interesting to see how this would differ to the local Chinese takeaway. I was relieved to see a freshly made sauce rather than gloop and not an ounce of fat on the meat! This was accompanied by Yeung-chow fried rice (£8.40) although delicious it was essentially special fried rice – with chopped vegetables, cha siu, chicken and shrimps and seemed rather pricy in comparison to my egg fried rice which was served in the same quantity but for a few pounds less (£5.40) I have to admit though that the elaborate pots the rice came in were gorgeous, even coming with a special spoon that slotted perfectly into the pot; I was tempted to put one in my handbag and take one home (I didn’t just in case you were wondering…I have some morals)

Being a Leo, I like to be the centre of attention so for my main I had to get one of the show stopper clay pots! There was no description on the menu but the waitress was quite animated when I asked about them that I decided it would be criminal not to order one, so I opted for the fillet steak clay pot (£16.80). The clay pot was heated and brought to the table, instantly emitting heat across the room. Then our waitress carefully lifted the lid and filled the pot with steak slices, vegetables and a runny sauce, a quick whiff as the ingredients hit the pot and the lid was closed for a few minutes leaving the magic to happen inside, whilst we (im)patiently waited for the finished result! With no oil added, the outcome was a deliciously delicate yet healthy meat dish that seemed to taste that little better having seen it cooked before my eyes! The intense heat of the pan meant the steak was cooked a tiny bit longer than I would have liked so I took everything out as soon as I could to stop it sizzling further but the experience in itself was a marvel.

Finally we came to dessert, and although my friend and I were stuffed, we had to take a look at the menu! The coconut mousse with Chinese red beans (£8.40) caught my eye, and as a lover of all things coconut I just had to try it and find out more about these Chinese red beans that I had seen dotted across the menu! I loved the fact that they were used in soups, mains and even desserts; although I’m not sure I’d have the beans in a dessert again!

As the evening came to a close, I was decidedly full but not feeling the usual grogginess after Chinese food. The waiters were extremely polite and attentive, although there seems to sometimes be a lack of understanding and miscommunication now and then. That aside, the Good Earth makes the most of fresh, quality ingredients and cooks traditional Chinese cuisine in a healthy way; although not up to Michelin star standard, the prices definitely seem to think so!


Cuisine Type Chinese & Cantonese
Average Meal Price for 2 (incl. wine) £130-160 for 3 courses each and sharing a bottle of wine
Average Price for main course £20.00
Defining Feature The clay pot dishes where your meal is cooked at your table
Address 233 Brompton Road, London, SW3 2EP
Nearest Tube South Kensington
Phone Number 0207 584 3658